How Can Drupal Help Your Campaign?

In today's world, a web site is pretty much something every campaign must have, whether you're running for a local volunteer position like the school board or for a paid career position like a Member of Congress. Web sites need to be informative, updated regularly, and give your supporters plenty of ways to interact with your campaign. Drupal is a great web site tool to do all of this and more.

With Drupal you can:

  • include biographical information on you, including photo galleries
  • links to your social media
  • information on your issues, policy statements, and more
  • a list of supporters, such as individuals and organizations, as well as a way for people to add their names to the list
  • have an online calendar of events. Events can be categorized into areas like "fundraisers," "meetings," "trainings," etc., which make sorting of multiple calendar items easy. Through iCal, these calendars can easily be added to calendar software on your computer
  • have an online blog where you can let people know how the campaign is going
  • have a volunteer sign-up where people can sign up to help at specific events
  • keep people up-to-date with what is going on with your campaign/organization/business
  • have an easy registration system for events, dinners, and more
  • easily sell campaign swag
  • have an online gallery of photos from events
  • take online donations
  • track volunteers
  • allow supporters to sign up for e-mails from the campaign