Campaign Tools

You've decided you want to run for office. Now what? How do you start raising funds? Do you need an office? How do you set one up? How do you find a campaign manager? What's C&E reporting?

Running for office can bring forth a lot of questions that you don't know how to answer. We can help.

With more than a decade of experience working on and running campaigns, we have the answers to those questions.


Getting a website online with the ability for people to donate, volunteer, and sign up as a supporter is very important. This should be done as close to the announcement date as possible (before is the best). This allows your supporters to get involved right away and start donating time and money to your campaign. Soon thereafter the site should be filled with information about the candidate or issue so that voters can visit your site and find out why they should support your cause. This would include things like a biography, how the candidate/issue affects the local area, a listing of supporters from the community, news releases, and print-ready photos.

Learn more about web sites here.

Online databases

Online databases are a necessity to keep track of donors, volunteers, supporters, and more. With the right database you can handle all your needs in one place - online donations, event sign-ups, volunteer and supporter sign-ups, email lists, and more. You can also use it to keep track of when you contact people, such as when you called a potential donor for a contribution.

Learn more about online databases here.

Event sign-ups and fundraising

A key part of any campaign is fundraising. Without it, you can't buy voter lists, print materials, purchase space in the voter guide, or offer snacks and water to volunteers who are helping on your campaign.

Online donations are hugely important part of a campaign in today's age. We can quickly help you set up a system that will let you take online donations and collect the information required for reporting to the state or federal government.

We can set up your online fundraising ability, allowing your supporters to easily donate to your campaign, including ongoing monthly donations.

Events are also hugely important to a campaign. Not only can it be a way to build support for your campaign, it can also be a way to raise money.

All of this can be done with our online database system. Learn more about online databases here.

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