Email lists, blasts, and bulk email

Collecting email addresses every time you collect information from supporters, interested parties, etc. should be just as routine as asking for name and address. With the email address you can easily update people on the status of your campaign or organization, send out urgent action items, and more - all without the large expense of printing and postage for a mailing or the manpower needed for a phonebank. It also means you can keep your customers updated about specials you're running, unadvertised sales, and more.

Once collected, those names and email addresses can then be entered into a system that allows the organization to quickly send out email blasts to everyone on the list. Depending on the system selected, emails can even be customized to include a personalized greeting and provide reports regarding the number of emails opened and forwarded.

To help make your emails stand out, we will build you a template that has a similar look and feel to your web site. These templates help make your email easy and interesting to read, and continue the branding recognition you've built through your web site, mailings, etc. We can even set up multiple templates for various uses by your organization.

We can build you a system that allows you to use the templates we've created to send the emails out yourself, or we can fully manage it for you - allowing you to focus on your business or organization.

For more information, please contact us.

Social Media

Utilizing social media is no longer an optional element of an organization or business' marketing plan - it's a necessity. Donors, volunteers, voters, and customers will look for your page on Facebook so that they can "like" the page, check in when they're at your location, find your location, and more. But there's more to it than just setting up a page and letting it be. We'll advise you on the best tactics for your business or organization to help you make the most of your social media options.

Search engines and review sites

Keeping your listings up-to-date on search engines and review sites is an absolute must. Many customers look to these places for address, phone number, days and hours open, menu, and more. Let us help you keep these items updated so that you don't lose customers due to outdated information. 

We can also let you know about issues posted in reviews and help with appropriate responses.